Engineering is a science-math problem solving field in our society. Engineers make use of engineering skills to convert ideas in to innovations. Currently, it is the top most ranking field in the world and cornerstone to some sectors such as medical, technology and scientific (research) areas.

Any student pursuing Engineering course such as Electrical and Electronics, Mechanical or even automotive Engineering will need particular resources to facilitate his or her success in the course. Resources may vary from physical to logical. In this guide, we are going to discuss the best android application that any Engineering student will require in order to succeed in his or her study comfortable. This are must application that any Engineering student should have at least to handle practical.

1. Engineering Unit Converter

This is application software that is used in Engineering field to with ability to convert units in a wide range of categories. It is designed with two intuitive spinning wheels that lets you choose category you wish to convert input the corresponding units initiate conversion process. Ranges in variety of subjects from length, energy, electrical charge, entropy and many more. Performs all dimensions engineers need on daily basis.

The best thing with this app is that, if you find any missing feature just contact developers to include it in future updates. This app is also available in app store for Apple users and for Microsoft devise. This unit is absolutely free, no charges required to download.

Download Link: Engineering Unit Converter

2. TurboViewer

We have many professional engineers using this application software. This is a phenomenal app used in creating models 2D and 3D view on mobile devices. Once you have created a model, you can edit and share 2Dand 3D models. You can still perform many other functions like adding shapes, texts lines and many more. It is designed to support email, Dropbox and web downloads.

This application gives a real-world experience. Furthermore, Turboviewer will allow you to pan, zoom and 3D orbit around CAD, DWG and DXF files. App is available for both android and ios devices. Comes in free and premium versions.

Download Link: TurboViewer

3. RealCalc Plus

This is a primary application that any engineering student must have in his or her journey in pursuing his dream as an Engineer. Is a virtual real calculator that performs range of calculations some of which are quite complex as compared to any other normal calculator.

Has extra features included like fraction calculation, unit conversions, degrees/minutes/seconds and constants. Can also perform calculations such as physics, hexadecimal conversion, log and Binary. It has got also a PRN and traditional algebraic mode. This app is only available for android based devices. Apple users can search for PCalc in Apple App Store. Is available in Pro-Version.

Download Link: RealCalc Plus

4. Basic Engineering Dictionary

The other application we are going to look at is Basic Engineering Dictionary. It is the primary and basic reference material for engineering students. It contains vital engineering terms, equations and formulas. Can range from one type to another; we can have a specific dictionary addressing a specific area of engineering. For instance, there is a Civil Engineering Dictionary specifically meant for Civil Engineering students.

This app gives necessary tutorials and guides to engineering thus plays a big role in nurturing your engineering skills. Has a quiz section that tests understanding and knowledge retention.

Download Link: Basic Engineering Dictionary

5. Mechanical Engineering One

Is Mechanical Engineering android app designed with simple user interface. Gives user ability to solve different problems over a wide range of fields such as Civil Engineering, Naval Architects, Electrical Engineering and HVAC Engineering among others. Furthermore, major aim of the application was to help Mechanical Engineering students solve their day to day problems as far as course is concerned.

App has a simple designed interface and comes with reference tables, calculators and converters. To make it more useful and powerful, is integrated with most comprehensive unit converters on the market. Contains both metric (SI) and Imperials (US) units.

Download Link: Mechanical Engineering One

6. Engineering Professional

Is another best reference platform engineering student should never lack. Captures formulas for chemical , civil, electrical, environmental, hydrology and mechanical engineering. Has over 600 formulas available with other 100 conversion formulas.

Thumbs up to engineers because with this app, you don’t need extra app to email results. Instead, app itself has capability to do so and can save your favorite formulas for easier access.

Download Link: Engineering Professional

7. Engineering Codes and Standards

Engineering as a profession has codes and standards stipulated for good practice in the field. Therefore, this app simply works as a “reminder”. Is intended for use as a reference guide for engineering codes and standards. It cuts across mechanical, civil, piping and electrical engineering. This app only available for android devices.

Download Link: Engineering Codes & Standards

8. Software Engineering

With rapid gradual evolution in technology globally, IT is taking over almost in all sectors not leaving engineering behind. App comes with many IT topics for engineering students. Engineering students will have a chance to learn more about project management, problem analysis, data flow and programming.

With this app in you phone engineers, you no longer need your notice anymore to integrate IT in your course. App is developed in a such a way that simplifies work for you.

Link: Software Engineering

9. Basic Electronics Engineering

If you are electronics engineering student this this is the essential material for you. This app is an electronic book-like. With only this software, you do not need bulky of books to read. Has detailed notes, diagrams, eqations and formulas that will help and guide you through in your studies.

Get this app in your phone and easy work for yourself. At the end of the day you will realize that you have so may this at hand which could have costed you entire semester researching entire shelves in the library. Try this app for android.

Link: Download

10. Graphing Calculator

As an engineering student, you have a lot to be within limited period of time. When in field or lab doing research, values and figure has to be recorded. Graph is one of the best method used in data representation. With this application, is going to save you time. Simplest part of this app is that you only have to feed in figures, choose an equation and it will plot a graph for you. Is available for both Android and iOS devices.

Download Link: Graphing Calculator


Engineering is one of top most marketable course career-wise in the current as invention and innovation is concerned. There are so many applications that engineers have designed that can help students find it possible to perform tasks in time rather than wasting a lot of time opening pages in books. This implies that Engineering is playing critical role too our society. Above application are just a fraction of existing ones. But this are the top most applications that one should at least have as an engineering student.


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