Dropbox is a web-based application for storing and sharing files and folders. It provides a client application for PCs and mobiles that are used to sync files and folders from the local machines to the cloud storage. Dropbox offers a free version that allows users to subscribe to 2GB storage and pro paid version which you can specify the amount of storage you need. Other similar applications include Nextcloud, OneDrive and Google Drive among others. In this guide, we are going to look at how to install Dropbox on Linux Mint 20.

Install Dropbox on Linux Mint 20

In this guide, we are going to be installing Dropbox on Linux Mint using command line. First update your apt packages using the below command

sudo apt-get update

Now install Dropbox by running the command as shown.

sudo apt-get install dropbox

Once installation is complete, Dropbox icon should be added to your applications under internet. Click on menuinternetdropbox.

Upon clicking on Dropbox, it will prompt you to install Dropbox daemon. Click OK to continue

Dropbox installer will start downloading Dropbox daemon and installs.

The installation will complete and you will be prompted to enter your login credentials to connect to Dropbox. Provide your account details and click sign in.

You should the ‘your computer was successfully linked’ if you provided the correct credentials.

To access the files stored in Dropbox, go to Dropbox folder in homeDropbox

Click continue to Dropbox to open Dropbox web application. You should see your Dropbox web account as shown.

How to customize Dropbox desktop app on Linux Mint 20

Ensure that Dropbox is started by clicking on its icon or by running the below command on your Linux Mint terminal.

dropbox start -i

You will notice Dropbox icon added to your taskbar as seen below

To customize Dropbox settings, click on the icon at the task bar and select preferences. You should see Dropbox open as below. This is where you can make preferred changes including language, bandwidth, proxy, notifications and sync.

How to sync files with Dropbox

To start selective sync with Dropbox, select the files that you wish to sync from your PC and put them in the Dropbox folder. Dropbox folder is located in homeDropbox. For this exercise, I have copied a 5MB file to the Dropbox folder to sync to my Dropbox account.

The file should sync to your Dropbox account if Dropbox sync is running. If Dropbox is not running, click on the icon on the taskbar and click on start/resume sync.

Once started, your added file will be synced and you should be able to see it when you login to your Dropbox online portal.

Enable Dropbox to start at boot

To ensure that Dropbox always starts as system boot, open Dropbox preferences. Under General, check the box ‘start Dropbox at system boot’.

By default, Dropbox will automatically start at login. To disable this, you can run the command as shown below:

dropbox autostart n

To enable autostart again,use the command

dropbox autostart y

Enjoy using Dropbox on Linux Mint 20!


  1. I’m running Linux Mint 20.1 Ulyssa, and when I ran sudo apt-get install dropbox, I saw a message:

    You are not running Debian or Ubuntu. Not adding Dropbox repository.

    What does this mean?


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