Pycharm is one of the well-known and mostly used Python IDE. It comes with two editions; the Community Edition which is free and the Professional Edition which has more advanced features and requires one to buy a licence to be able to use. In this guide, we are going to look at how to install Pycharm IDE Community Edition on Linux Mint 20.

What are the features of Pycharm Community Edition?

The table below compares Pycharm Professional Edition to Pycharm Community Edition

Install Pycharm Community Edition On Linux Mint 20

First Visit JetBrains official website to download your Pycharm CE.

Once the down is done, open your Linux Mint command line and change to the directory on the Pycharm CE download. For my case, it is in the Downloads folder.

cd Downloads

When you press Enter you should see the Pycharm .tar.gz file as shown below:

Now create a directory where you will install Pycharm. I am calling mine sites. Create in the $HOME/.local. Then go ahead to extract your Pycharm.tar.gz in your new directory

mkdir -p ~/.local/sites
tar xvzf pycharm-community-2020.1.3.tar.gz -C ~/.local/sites/

You should see Pycharm archive extracted as below:

If you check in the ~/.local/sites directory, you will find that a new directory for Pycharm has been added and it contains an installation file for Pycharm. Note the name of the directory and run the command as follows to install Pycharm Community Edition on Linux Mint 20.


You will be prompted to accept User Agreement terms. Check the box to accept and click continue

You can also choose to help JetBrains improve their by sending anonymous data

Now choose a UI theme and click on Next: Launcher Script

If you wish to open PyCharm projects from the command line, check Create a script for opening files and projects from the command linecheckbox and click on Next: Featured Plugins

Install Pycharm Community Edition plugins

Next, you will see some plugins recommended to you by Pycharm. Click on Install under any one you like. Once installed, click on Start using Pycharm

To create a desktop entry for Pycharm, click on Configure > Create desktop entry

Click Ok to add Python icon to your desktop

You should see Pycharm icon appearing as part of you applications.

You can always click on it to launch and start running your python programs. Click on Create New Project to configure your project and begin coding.

Provide a name for your new project and check on other settings suitable for you. Once you click create, you will be taken to a page where you can begin writing your Python codes.

This has been a step-by-step guide on how to install Pycharm IDE Community Edition on Linux Mint 20. Check other interesting guides below:


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