The Development Tools enables you to perform your day-to-day software development in your favorite programming language comfortably. Some of these tools include gcc, clang, make, autoconf, pam-devel, python-devel and a multitude of other devel packages. This guide will help you in installing the Software Development Tools on Solus Linux system.

In this guide, we assume you already have an Installed Linux system. This can be a Virtual Machine, your Laptop or operating system installed as Desktop or on Server hardware. Ensure your system is first upgraded.

sudo eopkg upgrade

Once you’ve upgraded the system, proceed to install Development Tools on Solus Linux system.

sudo eopkg install -c system.devel

These set of tools will enable you to be able to compile Linux applications from source code. A successful installation message looks like below.

Installed nasm
 [✓] Syncing filesystems                                                success
 [✓] Updating dynamic library cache                                     success
 [✓] Updating clr-boot-manager                                          success
 [✓] Updating hwdb                                                      success
 [✓] Updating system users                                              success
 [✓] Updating systemd tmpfiles                                          success
 [✓] Reloading systemd configuration                                    success
 [✓] Re-executing systemd                                               success
 [✓] Compiling glib-schemas                                             success
 [✓] Updating manpages database                                         success
 [✓] Reloading udev rules                                               success
 [✓] Applying udev rules                                                success

We can try checking if gcc is installed.

$ gcc --version
gcc (Solus) 9.3.0
Copyright (C) 2019 Free Software Foundation, Inc.
This is free software; see the source for copying conditions.  There is NO

You now have a set of Development Tools installed on Solus Linux. You can check other articles available on our site.

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