What is Kodi? Online content streaming is a fast growing technology with users needing readily available tools to enable them watch content online. There are a number of streaming platforms most of which require monthly subscriptions to use. Kodi on the other hand is a free and open-source server media player giving users a platform to stream various media content on the web. It is also able to categorize folders added, sorting them into tv shows, movies and the like. In this guide, we are going to look at how to install and use Kodi on Ubuntu/ Linux Mint.

Update your system

You need to first ensure that your system packages are up to date before carrying out your installation. Update your system with the command below:

sudo apt-get update

Install Kodi Media Server on Ubuntu 20.04/ Linux Mint 20

Kodi provides packages for Ubuntu systems. To install Kodi on Ubuntu 20.4/ Linux mint 20, add Kodi repository to the system repo list using the command below:

sudo apt-add-repository ppa:team-xbmc/ppa

Now update your repository

 sudo apt update

Install Kodi media server using the command shown

sudo apt install kodi -y

Launch Kodi Media Server on Ubuntu 20.04/ Linux Mint 20

You can now launch Kodi from the GUI or from terminal. When launching from Gui, open your menu file and search for Kodi. Click Kodi icon to launch. From you terminal, type kido and press Enter to launch.

$ kodi

Launching from both the terminal and the GUI open Kodi as shown:

How to check Kodi version

Once Kodi is installed, you can verify the installed version using the shown command:

$ kodi --version


How to add media content to Kodi on Ubuntu 20.04/ Linux Mint 20

First we need to ensure that we enable unknown sources under add-ons to enable us to add media content. Launch Kodi and click on the settings icon then system. On add-ons ensure that unknown sources is turned on. Click yes to enable.

How to add content source to Kodi on Ubuntu 20.04/ Linux Mint 20

Press Backspace to return to system menu. Click on file manager then double click add source. Click on none to type in the url for your media location and click OK.

You will be prompted to enter the name of the media source. In my case, I am using Exodus. Type in the name and click Ok. Press Backspace to go back to the system menu.

Install Kodi Content Source on Ubuntu 20.04/ Linux Mint 20

Now click on Add-ons then click install from zip file. Look for content media name added above and click on it then click on the repository zip file. In the next page, choose install from repository. You will see your added repository appearing in the list as shown below.

Click on it then choose video add-ons then next choose your media content name. This will bring you to the installation page as shown

Click on install then click Ok. and your installation will begin. Wait until it finishes installing. When done installing, click backspace to go back to home screen. Click on Add-ons. Search for your new add-on and open to start streaming online content.

Click open, choose what you wish to watch and enjoy!

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