Want to master how websites are created with HTML and WordPress?. Building a website is as easy as drag-and-drop with Dragify. Instead of fussing with complex templates and lines of code, Dragify lets you build your site using simple, ready-made HTML “blocks.”

From headers to footers and content boxes, you can select from 44 pre-defined blocks and drag and drop them onto a canvas to build your site—no coding knowledge required. You can enjoy complete design freedom with Dragify’s built-in text editor and build responsive sites that look great on any device thanks to Dragify’s bootstrap framework.

What you can do with Dragify

  • Create your own site using simple drag-and-drop blocks
  • Bring your page to life w/ professional headers, content sections, contact forms & more
  • Easily edit links, content, text, & images using the built-in text editor
  • Use Dragify as a lightweight CMS to quickly edit & publish your site online
  • Publish your site directly using the “FTP Publish” option
  • Create your own custom blocks with simple HTML

This tool doesn’t need any coding experience. You can design a website in no time without writing any code.

  • Drag & drop 200+ pre-designed blocks, edit your text, then publish your website
  • Edit website text as you see it w/ the Click-to-Edit interface
  • Take control of your site display on different platforms w/ a range of responsive options for changing width, spacing, alignment or font size
  • Save reusable layouts or components in templates for reusing or sharing
  • Prototype your layout in minutes w/ hundreds of pre-built cards & presets

Get Dragify and get started with website development.

Dragify HTML + WordPress Website Builder Bundle: Lifetime Subscription


  • Build Your Own Site with Zero Coding Knowledge
  • Building a WordPress website without writing code
  • Learn HTML in one day
  • Quickly build a website without being a Developer