Luckysheet is an online/web-based spreadsheet application just like Excel. It is completely open source software that is powerful and easy to configure for use. Performs powerful functions just as Excel does. This is the best alternative for excel that is interactive, user-friendly, freely available and easy to use. In this guide we will show you how to use Luckysheet online excel spreadsheet.

Thanks to Luckysheet official website. You can clone it from there and use on local machine. All you need is npm version 6 and above. In this article we are going to learn how to use this online-based spreadsheet application. First of all we are going to clone Luckysheet file from github. Run the command below in you terminal to clone.

git clone

Next, navigate to a directory called Luckysheet that we have just cloned.

cd Luckysheet

Execute the following commands in terminal to install latest version and JavaScript dependencies. Ensure to have npm version 6 and above installed on your system to be able to run the below commands.

sudo npm install
sudo npm install gulp -g

To start server, run command below in terminal

$ sudo npm run dev
> [email protected] dev /home/lorna/Luckysheet 
> cross-env NODE_ENV=development gulp dev 

[HPM] Proxy created: /luckysheet/  -> 
[10:03:22] Using gulpfile ~/Luckysheet/gulpfile.js 
[10:03:23] Starting 'dev'... 
[10:03:23] Starting 'clean'... 
[10:03:23] Finished 'clean' after 22 ms 
[10:03:23] Starting 'pluginsCss'... 
[10:03:23] Starting 'plugins'... 
[10:03:23] Starting 'css'... 
[10:03:23] Starting 'pluginsJs'... 
[10:03:23] Starting 'copyStaticHtml'... 
[10:03:23] Starting 'copyStaticFonts'... 
[10:03:23] Starting 'copyStaticAssets'... 
[10:03:23] Starting 'copyStaticImages'... 
[10:03:23] Starting 'copyStaticExpendPlugins'... 
[10:03:23] Starting 'copyStaticDemoData'... 
[10:03:23] Starting 'copyStaticCssImages'... 
[10:03:23] Starting 'core'... 
[10:03:23] Finished 'pluginsCss' after 917 ms 
[10:03:25] Finished 'plugins' after 2.82 s 
[10:03:32] Finished 'css' after 9.23 s 
[10:03:35] Finished 'copyStaticImages' after 12 s 
[10:03:39] Finished 'copyStaticHtml' after 16 s 
[10:04:03] Finished 'copyStaticExpendPlugins' after 41 s 
[10:05:13] Finished 'copyStaticCssImages' after 1.83 min 
[10:05:48] Finished 'copyStaticDemoData' after 2.42 min 
[10:05:48] Finished 'pluginsJs' after 2.42 min 
[10:06:23] Finished 'copyStaticAssets' after 3 min
[10:07:01] Finished 'core' after 3.63 min 
[10:07:01] Starting 'watcher'... 
[10:07:42] Finished 'watcher' after 41 s 
[10:07:42] Starting 'serve'... 
[Browsersync] Access URLs: 
      Local: http://localhost:3000 
         UI: http://localhost:3001 
UI External: http://localhost:3001 
[Browsersync] Serving files from: dist 
[10:07:44] Finished 'serve' after 1.38 s 
[10:07:44] Finished 'dev' after 4.35 min

You are provided with the url to use in accessing Luckysheet on your browser. Ensure to have opened the two ports on your firewall is you have an active firewall. Since I am running Luckbox on Ubuntu, I am going to open the ports as below.

sudo ufw allow 3000/tcp
sudo ufw allow 3001/tcp

Now copy the above provided url and run in your browser. This is the page you get on your browser.


Luckysheet Features

Just like excell, Luckysheet comes with quite a number of features for formatting, styling, mathematics operations and so on as discussed below:


  • Styling.

App comes with variety of fonts. You can change as much as you want to choose one for your preference. You can freely play around with text size, color cells and texts and also apply effects on the sheet. Feature can be applied on a text or a cell.

  • Align or rotate text.

This feature enables you to align text either left, center or right depending how you want it to look like. Furthermore, you can rotate text to any angle; upwards, downwards or horizontally.

  • Data types.

Luckysheet support variety of data types. You can express data as currency (e.g Ksh. USD), percentage (%), decimals and dates.

  • Conditional formatting.

Is used when you want to highlight interested cells with color or icons that corresponds to specific variations in the data. This is basically to emphasize unusual values or visualize data by use of data bars.


To enhance this, first of select the cells you wish to apply a condition, go to more, then navigate to icon name conditional format.

  • Move a cell by drag and drop action with use of mouse. This action will help you in selecting of multiple cells.
  • File handle.

For series flowing in series like 1, 2, 3, …., enter 1 in the first cell then 2 in the second cell. For series 2, 4, 6, ….., type 2 and 4 in the first and second cells. Applied in geometrical sequence, arithmetic sequence, date, week or chinese.

  • Multiple selection.

Press and hold Ctrl key to perform a selection of multiple cells to copy and paste.

  • Find and replace.

This action help in fast and easy way to in correcting or changing characters in a cell. Supports regular expression, whole word and case sensitive.

Navigate to more then go to search icon.

  • Location.

A cell can be selected according to the data type. E.g. date, string, error and may more.

To find this, go to more features then search icon. You will find in drop-down menu.

  • Merge cells.

You can merge two or more cells to make one big cell.

Rows and Columns

This is another key feature in Luckysheet. The following action below can be performed on rows and columns.

  • By selecting a row or a column, you can hide, insert or delete rows or columns.
  • Split text – Split text into different columns with the Convert Text to Column Wizard.


While editing a sheet, you can perform several operations. They include;

  • Undo/Redo.

Used to go back to previous content. Use Ctrl + Z to undo and Ctrl + Y for redo.

  • Copy/paste/cut.

Highlight a text, cell, row or column then use right click to select copy/cut/paste option.

  • Format painter.

Allows you to copy formatting from a particular or a range of cell and paste it somewhere else in the sheet.

Formulas and Functions

Built-in formula include:

  • Math – SUMIFS, AVERAGEIFS, SUMIF, SUM among others.
  • Date – DATEVALUE, DATEDIF, NOW, WEEKDAY among others.
  • Financial – PV, FV, IRR, NPV
  • Logical – IF, AND, OR, IFERROR
  • Dynamic Array – Excel2019 new formulas, SORT, FILTER, UNIQUE, RANDARRAY, SEQUENCE

Pivoted Tables

  • Just like a table, is used for data visualization. Is a power tool for creating tables that will allow you to choose rows and columns you are only interested in. In top bar, go to Pivot Table; icon with a symbol letter Y.
  • You can perform the following actions on Pivot Table.
    • Arrange fields. Involves adding fields to rows, columns, values, area just as in excel.
    • Aggregation. Supports sum, CountA, CountUnique, Average, Max, Mean, Median, Product, Stdev, Stdevp, Var, VarP etc.
    • Filter data. Add fields to filters area and analyze the desired data.
    • Drill down. Double click the Pivot Table cell to drill down for detail data.
    • Create a PivotChart . You create a Chart from a pivot table.


Basically, like Excel, Luckysheet make use of Charts for data presentation, representation and visualization for the purpose of analysis and evaluation. Because Luckysheet use CDN files, to create a Chart ensure that you have internet connection first.

Select data you want to put in a Chart the go to Chart icon in top bar. Supports different types of graphs – Line, Column, Area, Bar, Pie, Coming soon Scatter, Radar, Gauge, Funnel etc.

Has chart plugins that can enable you link to another project. Currently supported plugin is Echarts. Highcharts, Ali G2, amChart, googleChart, chart.js, are in development process currently.

Keyboard shortcuts

The following are some of the available keyboard shortcuts to be used with Luckysheet.

Keyboard shortcutsFeatures
CTRL + CCopy cell
CTRL + VPaste cell
CTRL + XCut cell
CTRL + ZUndo
CTRL + YRedo
CTRL + ASelect all
CTRL + BBold
CTRL + FFind
CTRL + HReplace
CTRL + IItalic
CTRL + UP/DOWN/LEFT/RIGHTQuickly adjust cell marquee
SHIFT + UP/DOWN/LEFT/RIGHTAdjust selection area
CTRL + Left mouse clickMultiple selection cell
SHIFT + Left mouse clickAdjust selection area
UP/DOWN/LEFT/RIGHTMove cell selection box
ENTEREdit cell
TABMove cell selection box to the right
DELETEClear cell data


Use the following guidelines to get a solution in case you encounter a problem while using the software.

  • Use Google or Doge to search for common technical issues.
  • Got to official forum to see if someone else has ever encountered the same problem and how it was solved.
  • Visit Luckysheet Official website for full documentation.

That’s it with Luckysheet. I hope the guide has been useful in installing and using Luckysheet. Enjoy!

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